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November Kindle First | Kindle First #1

Hello again!

Welcome to my first post about what I’m currently reading on my kindle.

As you may be aware, Amazon Prime members get the chance to read one of six pre-release Kindle books for nothing every month. This is the Kindle First programme. I love this perk as it means that I am essentially getting the opportunity to read arcs or proofs again. As a former bookseller, there is nothing I miss more than being able to sample and review books before they are released to the public. I will talk more about this in a future post. Booksellers are generally happy, enthusiastic and interesting people and this was probably one of the happiest positions that I have ever had in my life thus far.

This month’s six choices are the following:

  1. Thriller
    The Short Drop
    by Matthew FitzSimmons
  2. Historical Fiction
    Daughter of Sand and Stone
    by Libbie Hawker
  3. Romance
    Apricot Kisses
    by Claudia Winter, Maria Poglitsch Bauer
  4. Fantasy
    Gateway to Fourline (The Fourline Trilogy Book 1)
    by Pam Brondos
  5. Experimental Fiction
    Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind
    by Anne Charnock
  6. Modern Fiction
    The Burned Bridges of Ward, Nebraska
    by Eileen Curtright

I am very impressed with the broad selection in terms of genre. I have not read a great deal of historical fiction to date and I am not sure that this book will be my pick of the month as I be more inclined to read something connected to the history of Japan, Africa or France.

The experimental fiction genre intrigues me and in particular, the description of this book, sounded akin to that of Cloud Atlas, spanning several decades, walks of life, characters, that are all linked in some way. This might be a winner for me but only if I can avoid comparing it to David Mitchell’s masterpiece. I love Murakami (Haruki) and would probably categorise his books as modern fiction with some elements of Experimental fiction about them, though not as experimental as the last Palahnuik book that I read. Palahnuik describes his writing as ‘transgressional fiction’. This may be something to discuss in a later post as I digress!

I have to be in the mood for romance or fantasy though.

November Winner: Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind
by Anne Charnock

Now to hit that download button and get reading,



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