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What I’m currently reading| Print Edition #1

Last week as I waited for my train home after work, I decided to kill a few minutes at the WHSmith store book section. Admittedly, it is rather small, though I take interest in current new releases and top 10 lists and can often find good book deals there.

A few weeks prior, I managed to get the latest Richard Templar book, The Rules of Wealth, in paperback for £5.99. I’ve a small collection of his self-help books and like the layout and tone of his writing. They are often written with a different piece of advice on each page, so are easy to dip into and out of. This one in particular, I found very helpful at the particular stage that I am in my own life, thinking about investments, future and putting a little away for a rainy day.

So, back to last week. I managed to get a copy of A Brief History of Seven Killings, by Marlon James, winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize. Now, I’m not usually one for following book trends. I tend to shy away from books that everyone else is reading (it took me a VERY long time to pick up a copy of Twilight or even 50 Shades of Grey…and I am a former bookseller!). If there is a lone book by a lesser known author, sitting on a shelf, you can be sure that I will gravitate towards that one. However, I had read one of James’s books prior, the Book of Night Women and found that one really difficult to ‘like’ because of the subject of the book and how vivid some of the depictions of slavery were. That is not to say it wasn’t one of those reads that totally took my breath away and gave me a ‘book hangover’; it definitely did. I’m only up to page 40 of 600 but already I’m getting a feel for how gruesome and desperate the lives of the characters are in 1970s Jamaica. I love the fact that Bob Marley has been fictionalised and look forward to meeting the host of characters outlined in the beginning of the book. No doubt I will update you on my thoughts in a review once I have finished it!

Admirable and inspirational as a writer, daring to tackle themes in a manner that immortalises the horror of the past for the future generations to enjoy.

Watch this space for an update,




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