Genmaicha – ‘Popcorn Tea’ | Teaview

“When brewing green tea, use water at a lower temperature. It should not be boiling but between 65-70°C (150-170°F). This preserves the colour and health-giving properties of the tea.” –The Little Book of Tea Tips by Andrew Langley.

Hello there, this my first ‘Teaview’ (or tea review…see what I did there?) on this blog and this is going to be a short review of an interesting tea which I bought some time ago at the Hyper Japan festival in London.

Genmaicha or ‘Popcorn tea’ is  Japanese name for green tea combined with toasted brown rice. During the toasting process, some grains of rice pop and resemble popcorn, hence the name.

This tea comes from a company called ‘AOI’ and the recommended instructions were that the tea should be brewed for 30 seconds for the best results. I imagine that you could brew for longer but as with a lot of green teas, I find that there is a fine line between pleasant and bitter/ stewed tea.WP_20151115_18_35_19_ProI used my standard net strainer in a clear glass cup and brewed for the recommended time. I have quite a sweet tooth so tend to like to add the tiniest amount of sugar in my teas to drink them. I didn’t need to add sugar with this tea as the strong toasted rice flavour was pleasant. There was a smoothness to the tea, almost bordering on creaminess which was very unexpected as I’ve not experienced this with green tea before.

WP_20151115_18_38_07_ProThe nutty aroma and taste from toasted rice is very distinctive of this type of tea. When I first learnt of the toasted rice, I was a little concerned that it would be smoky a la Lapsang Souchong, my least favourite tea. I was wrong.

If you are looking for something interesting and pleasant to drink and are a fan of green tea, then I would recommend trying this. 

WP_20151115_18_42_06_Pro (1)

You can buy Genmaicha from Whittard and I think that I will pay my local branch a visit to see what other varieties that they have in stock.

Have you tried Genmaicha? What did you think?


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