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On Paris

I was commuting home from visiting a good friend last night, as the news filtered through. Catching a Facebook update between tube stations where my phone signal permitted, I learnt of the horror that was unfolding in Paris. My heart sank. It immediately went to all of those innocent bystanders, concert-goers, diners, pedestrians, people who couldn’t defend themselves, understand what was going on. For a split second, I felt their fear. Fear of the unknown. I felt moved to tears and my hour-long journey was a blur.

Why? Who? How? All of the questions that would never be answered. I struggle to understand how a heart could contain as deep-seated a hatred as the hearts of those who committed these atrocities. Misguided souls.

I am thinking of ALL of those around the world who have been affected by terrorism and I’m praying for Paris.


I found an article about the artist who painted the Paris peace sign which has gone viral since Friday evening.


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