Dark Chocolate Orange | Teaview

Today I am reviewing a tea that has been in my collection awhile. In fact, I bought this Dark Chocolate and Orange tea from Grand Central Terminal the last time I visited New York.

There was a beautifully arranged, aromatic stand full of spices and teas that caught my eye and nose and I bet you can’t guess what the company is called?

Spices and Tease of course!


  • Black Assam
  • Cocoa bits
  • Orange bits
  • Cardamom
  • Pink Pepper

Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • Use 1 teaspoon of tea per 8oz of hot water
  • Heat water to 195-205 degrees and steep tea for up to 3 minutes

Admittedly, the colours of the tea aren’t as vibrant as those in the website as I have had this tea for quite a while in the back of my tea cupboard!

I remember drinking this as soon as I bought it and the taste and aromas have not been impaired over time. A deep chocolate aroma with a perfect tang of orange, this is definitely something special. On brewing, the tea was a lovely rich caramel colour.

Have you tried any teas with a hint of cocoa? Do you like the chocolatey addition to your tea?

Let me know!


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