Saturday Reflections…

As Storm Desmond batters the UK, I am enjoying a solitary day at home, looking out of my top-floor flat window at the world going by.

In total silence.

Photo credit: Pixabay


I can hear my neighbours’ children stomping around, squealing with delight and the wind whistling through the multi-tonal trees in the park. Every now and then, a few leaves in various shades of yellow, red and brown, will blow past the window.

Angry-looking storm clouds drift past, carrying the promise of rain.

I can see the trains full of passengers, steaming past.

I can see a man walking his dog, coat wrapped tightly around him against the wind; his dog oblivious to the adverse weather.

All from the comfort of my dining table and computer.

I’ve come over all reflective today but I really cherish these moments of peace.

I feel calm and relaxed. My own little Saturday meditation.


What do you do to collect your thoughts? Do you meditate? Go for a walk?


7 thoughts on “Saturday Reflections…

    1. I think if I had a dog it would inspire me to walk more! I’m based in London so aside from some strong winds, we’ve been quite lucky. Cumbria seems to have been hit quite badly 😦

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  1. Definitely walking – I used to be able to walk to work every day and found that so rewarding. At the end of the day it enabled me to blow the days stresses and strains away from the day and switch to home mode.

    Now I’ll make a point of parking my car at the local leisure centre and walk in the evening on the street lit pavements a couple of times a week. I’ve walked a few times in London too. I went to the Hampton Court Flower show and then walked to Kingston Upon Thames along the old towpath.

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