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“We three ‘teas’ of Orient are…”

This week I drank three different hot beverages (as one isn’t tea, hence the quotations around tea in the title) that I haven’t tried before and I thought it would be nice to include them all in one post.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

1. Twinings Green Tea and Salted Caramel

This one was recommended to me by my other half. I don’t know why I have been so ignorant of Twinings and their fabulous blends but I’m very impressed. I steeped the bag for a minimal amount of time as I sometimes find it difficult when brewing green tea, to get the right side of bitterness. I found that keeping the bag in for one minute, was enough time to get a good amount of colour to my brew. This was a pleasant drink although the tea itself did not taste of the caramel to me; rather it was a beautiful, smooth caramel-like aroma emanating from the cup. There was a slightly salty note though. I’d have to try it again to familiarise my taste buds. They were clearly confused!

Leafy rating: 3/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

You can buy it from Tesco for £2.49

2. Coconut Coffee Latte

I visited a lovely little Thai café on one of my morning commutes this week. I wanted to try something different. I don’t make a habit of buying coffees on the go as I have pretty great coffee at work and mostly prefer teas anyway.

The Coconut Coffee Latte grabbed my attention and I knew that I had to try it. It was a very mild and delicate coffee, as you would expect from a latte although there was the delicious addition of toasted coconut (I love coconut bits in chocolate and ice-cream!) along with what I think was coconut cream?

Photo taken with my own fair hands. Lovely people at GrabThai café!


Overall, this was a lovely creamy but not rich, pleasant drink, with hints of coconut and real coconut pieces.

Leafy rating: 3/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

3. Twinings Camomile Tea with Honey

This blend just sounds like it was a match made in heaven. I felt a little rushed and on edge commuting around London today with lots of train cancellations and delays. The first thing that I usually do when I walk through the door, after a day like that, is to put the kettle on. Bear has a stack of teas that he brought home for the holidays so I thought that I would give this a try. The short way to describe it is camomile with a smooth sweetness and undertones of vanilla. It goes down very well. I like to keep the bag in for as long as I can with camomile as I can’t get enough of that flavour!

You can also purchase this from Tesco for £1.49.

Leafy rating: 3/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art


If you’ve been following me on Twitter, I’ve also been discovering so many new tea feeds to follow (bar the spammy ones!). I have been made aware of Taylors Green Tea with Strawberry and Vanilla which sounds absolutely divine so I fear that my next pay will have a portion of it allocated to tea!

Have you tried any new teas lately? Are you more of a traditional tea-drinker?


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