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What in the World | Blog Round-Up #2

It’s been another busy week on the blogs. I scarcely know where to begin! You never cease to amaze me with your interesting, fun and thought-provoking content.

Blog Round-Up

Hello Yellow Yarn has been crocheting up a storm, making some of the cutest little Christmas trees. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could try your hand at crafting this. Suzannah from the Gloria Sirens posted about  the tradition of Christmas letter writing and the often over embellished mundane things that went into them. I’ve never written such a letter before. I would be mortified thinking about all of the people reading about the minutiae of my life over the year! Ghadah from Pretty Green Bullet has created another couple of masterpieces. I’ve been following her for some time now and adore her distinctive style of painting and drawing. PIPA Fine Art has shared useful tips about light sources for any budding photographers out there. I Miss You When I Blink has been looking back on old Christmas letters/ lists to Santa! I love this and almost wish I had access to mine. More pencils are always a good ask!

Little Miss Litberry has been reading (and sharing) the most charming little picture books and noticed a trend of monochromatic illustrations with pops of colour for effect. Her post on Holiday reads for Everyone made me wish that I had an excuse to purchase these sweet looking picture books. Kim from Peace, Love and Patchouli has written a beautiful poem called By Design, accompanying a couple of photographs of intricate stone paths. I loved how the words and photos flowed together so well.Another great poem from the blogs this week was by K.L. Register of The Ninth Life blog, which encouraged me to think of the happy days of my childhood. I particularly thought about hanging out washing with those old wooden clothes pegs. Sarah Doughty has shared another powerfully emotive poem about embrace. Thank you Sarah! Abbie Lu has educated us all on the affliction of tsundoku. I agree that most bibliophiles suffer this (I suffer this gladly!) Talin reiterates that bloggers are just as important as journalists. I’m not sure why bloggers seem to get such a bad rap sometimes so thanks for sticking up for us all! Have you read the ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Well now there is a book due to come out about the psychology of the story which I think sounds like a very interesting concept. Psychology of the fictional characters that we read about and love. Thanks to Reflections of a Book Addict for bringing this book to our attention.  Damyanti has written about fiction writing and how much of yourself you should put into your work. How closely related are your characters to people that you know in real life? I’m no professional writer but I cannot help but be inspired by the people that I meet and those in my life, so I would like to think that it would be a huge part of my writing. Craig has written a great post about banned, censored and challenged books. I think that I should put the ‘Satanic Verses’ on my TBR list. I’m not sure how I feel about books being banned. I would feel uncomfortable reading books that were deliberately inflammatory to certain parts of society and encouraged certain unsavoury behaviours.

Tofu, the bunny-half of Bunny Eats Design has been playing model and food photography assistant this week. Mio made panna cotta, a dessert that I have only recently tried and no idea how to make. Thanks Mio! Two weeks in a row, Mrs Twinkle is costing me money as she has made another great food present that I am definitely going to have to attempt to make. NOW. Chocolate chunks. Thanks again Mrs T 🙂

Amir has been inspiring us, offering tips on how to get mental clarity and calm when our busy thoughts take over. As usual, Seb Dani has been offering numerous useful tidbits of advice about overcoming fears, dishonesty, how to control your emotions and being true to yourself. I love the straight-talking way in which he presents his advice. It feels like speaking to an old friend! Debra visited Lancaster Castle where her photos of the eerie surroundings that served as an active prison until 2011 will send chills down your spine. Especially at the mention of teeth marks.


And there you have it folks. Another little round-up of the interesting blogs that I follow and what has been making the authors tick this week.

Have you read something interesting this week that you want to share? Do let me know!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Happy Sunday!

Jam x

(Yes, I have a thing for cats…)

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