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‘Grave of Hummingbirds’|December Kindle First| Review

Hello there!

I hope that you had a great Christmas. I’ve been doing a lot of Twittering and getting to know a few great tea related feeds as well as bibliophiles out there. There are a lot of us book-ies out there aren’t there?

I wanted to review this book before the end of the month and also before the January Kindle First choices become available.

I’ll start off by telling you what I did not like about this novel (which wasn’t much!). The first gripe I had with it was that it felt too short. I also felt as though the pacing was quite slow to start with and I then before I knew what was happening, I was caught up and swept up into the sleepy town of Colibrí, its residents and dark secrets.

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Grave of Hummingbirds is set in the Andes, in a town called Colibrí, where strange folklore and legends exist. A murder takes place and a child discovers the body of an ‘angel’. I don’t want to add too many spoilers in this review but I felt that the descriptions of the mutilation of the body and the circumstances of the death were so gruesome that I could not look away. I was horrified yet wanted to read on and discover what happened.

A mother and son, Sophie and Finn Lawson, are visiting the town for a local festival and get caught up in more than they bargained for as they discover that not everything and everyone is as they seem and that the darkness is to be feared.

I loved the descriptions of the locality and the people of the area as well as the things that weren’t explicitly said; like the reason why Sophie was treated strangely by everyone she met on her travels. It was as though everyone knew who she was.

Surreal in parts, there were moments when I wasn’t quite sure if the characters were dreaming or hallucinating and I particularly enjoyed the way in which the story was being told from different perspectives. There were so many suspenseful moments in which the sheer horror of what had taken place or what was about to happen was slow and deliberate and I really cared for the characters’ well-being. It felt as though I knew what was going to happen but did not know how, or where or by whom but was unprepared for the horrific aspects.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and would recommend to anyone looking for a quick read with fantastical, surreal elements with a sprinkling of murder thrown in.

Leafy rating: 4/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

I can scarcely wait until the next picks are released!

Have you read ‘Grave of Hummingbirds’? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “‘Grave of Hummingbirds’|December Kindle First| Review

  1. Oh I like Cecilia Ahern! I’ve had one of her books on my shelf for a while now. I must pick it up 🙂
    If you like a murder mystery, you might like this Kitty.


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