2016 Books

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I created this page to help me keep tabs on what I was reading during the year. I may not write a post about every book that I read so instead of using Goodreads, I thought this would be a good ‘one stop shop’ for what I’m reading, when (or if!) I finished it, with brief thoughts about it.

I don’t have defined reading goals this year; I just want to read as many of the books I already own as possible AS WELL AS discovering some great new books.

Think of it like a book journal.

If I have reviewed the book on the blog, I will include a link to the post.

The dates refer to when I finished the book.

(If there isn’t a date, I haven’t finished it.  I probably moved onto something else. I will note why I stopped reading it though)

The intials (E) or (P) refer to the format that I read in. If I start ‘reading’ audio books this year, you’ll no doubt also see (A) being used.

DNF= Did not finish

Come back regularly for updates!

Happy Reading

Jam xx



  1. Ghost Light | LeeAnn Hansen | 13/01/2016 (E)
  2. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed| Jon Ronson | 12/02/2016 (P)
  3. Harmony Black | Craig Schaefer | 25/01/2016 (E)
  4. The Idiot Brain | Dan Burnett | DNF (E-Netgalley) – This was a funny read to begin with and filled with lots of clever analogies to illustrate how the brain works. However, I stopped reading and did not think I would finish. That’s not to say I won’t pick this up later in the year though. I don’t think I’m in the headspace for that kind of non-fiction at the moment.



  1. The Writer’s Little Helper | James V. Smith. JR | 06/02/2016 (P)
  2. North of Here | Laurel Saville | 21/02/2016 (E)
  3. How to be a Brit | George Mikes | DNF (P) – This was a hilarious read but not really one that you read from cover to cover. This is more of a book that you dip into and out of really
  4. Yonder | LeeAnn Hansen | 06/04/2016 (E)
  5. Real Confidence |Psychologies Magazine | 26/02/2016 (P)



*I haven’t really read much this month and took a couple of weeks off blogging – work stresses. Boo! Hence why I haven’t posted a Kindle First selection or review post.*

  1. Fear and Trembling | Soren Kierkegaard| (P) – Definitely a ‘dip-into-and-out-of’ book



  1. Symbiosis | Guy Portman | 14/04/2016 (E)
  2. Deliver Her | Patricia Perry Donovan | 28/04/2016 (E) Review coming soon!



*Things have picked up a little on the reading front this month, despite the fact that I haven’t been blogging as much*

  1. The Double | Fyodor Dostoyevsky | (E) currently reading
  2. Closer Home | Kerry Anne King |(E) currently reading
  3. Tea: A Miscellany | Emily Kearns | (P) currently reading
  4. Stop Talking Start Doing Action Book | Shaa Wasmund MBE (P) currently reading
  5. Ambition | Rachel Bridge | (P)
  6. Spiralize Now! | Denise Smart (P) – Okay, so it’s not a book you ‘read’ per se but I’ve just bought a new spiralizer and this is full of great healthy and quick recipes. Courgettes are my new best friend!

I will also be choosing my Prime read this month – a little later in the month but better late than never!



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