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Crochet and Coffee and Matcha (Oh my!)

On New Year’s Eve, I decided to meet with one of my oldest and dearest friends for a little coffee and crochet catch-up in London. It’s so nice to have a little outing, if only for a few hours, to see a friendly face and have a wander around London.

We ended up in Le Pain Quotidien for a little bite to eat and a lot of chatter, followed by a brief lesson in double crochet stitch, which is confusingly referred to as single crochet in US crochet terms, just to confuse things.

Matcha latte and matching green yarn!


To accompany our crochet ‘lesson’ (using the term very loosely here folks), I had to try a Matcha Latte, which after I got over the spinach-like taste, was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the flavour.

Were there pistachio undertones to it?

It reminded me, oddly, of the pistachio-flavoured barfi that I used to enjoy as a child growing up in Southall, combined with the slightest bitterness of coffee. Yum!

Coffees going down a treat!

We then had a wander around the bustling Covent Garden, where I was lucky enough to stumble across no less than 3 tea shops which I had to visit. This resulted in a totally unplanned but necessary tea haul, details of which I will include in a later post, as well as individual reviews and information.

In total London-fashion, the heavens opened and soaked us to the skin after a little impromptu shopping trip!

What a great bridge between the old year and the new!

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?


9 thoughts on “Crochet and Coffee and Matcha (Oh my!)

  1. What a lovely day it sounds like you had! Are you crocheting anything in particular? Sounds like you got a nice haul of new teas as well. My New Year’s Eve was a mixture of going out and staying in — but mostly staying in! I actually just blogged about it, and about how I’m not into the whole go-out-drinking-until-2-AM New Year’s Eve thing.

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    1. The East India Company was the most expensive of the three and so the tea I purchased from there was a special treat (though I’ve drunk about a quarter of it already! Oops)

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