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Moroccan Mint |Teaview

Hello there!

So last week I visited my friend where I bought a selection of teas from various tea shops around Covent Garden. Today I tried one of the teas from my mini green tea selection from Whittard.


I thought that this was pretty good value as usual from Whittard at only £6 for a selection of 3 x 25g caddies of green tea (on sale).

This morning I felt like trying the Moroccan Mint, which is described as being a blend of smoky green tea with sweet spearmint. It contains 7% spearmint according to the box.

I brewed up a little cup of this  according to the instructions and supped away. I was pleasantly surprised at how mild and sweet this is and loved the subtle minty aroma, in comparison to traditional Moroccan Mint Tea. This made a nice change, though I was expecting a stronger minty flavour.

You can buy this on sale here or pop into your local store if you have time. I love their chili hot chocolate!

But I digress…

Leafy rating: 3/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

I wished it was more minty but it was very pleasant and mild, without that bitter green tea taste that I dislike when I have slightly over-brewed the tea. I’ll definitely drink it again.

One more thing…

Something else that I tried recently whilst having another little coffee catch-up with one of the girls was Starbucks’ Hot Mulled Fruits, which is essentially spiced hot fruit juices. I know this won’t be to everyone’s taste but it reminded me of the hot Ribena my mum used to give me as a little girl. Did anyone else have hot Ribena?

Starbucks mulled fruit (apple)

I can’t wait to try the Gunpowder green tea!

Have you tried this tea? Do you like mint tea?


17 thoughts on “Moroccan Mint |Teaview

  1. I love their gunpowder green, It’s one of my favorite green teas. I felt the mint one could be a little more minty, but I just added some fresh from my herb garden to it and it was excellent.
    Thanks for the Starbucks tip! Had no idea about the mulled fruit drinks!

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  2. I like to base mint tea on a Chinese green gunpowder that I get from one of my local Asian supermarkets, and then add a small handful of fresh mint leaves to the pot before steeping. Works a treat. Once out of pure desperation (no fresh mint leaves available) I used dried mint – about a half teaspoon – not exactly brilliant but not exactly horrible either…

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    1. Thanks for your comment! You could probably get it online or depending where you are based, in one of their stores. Peppermint is great too. So soothing for the stomach 🙂

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    1. Hello hello 🙂 It’s very nice, almost like it shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it was. As for the mint tea, I think it’s the peppermint vs spearmint. Spearmint is so much lighter 🙂

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  3. first off I would buy these teas because of the cute packaging. I coaxed my friend in the UK to bring me a can when he visits but unfortunately he forgot all about it. Maybe I should ask my cousins instead. 😀 Great review. wish we had more tea stores here in the PH. I would probably spend a portion of my earnings on teas. HAHA!

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