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Lotus Tea | Teaview

Happy Saturday!

It’s my last Saturday before returning to work after the holidays! Will I be able to remember what my job is or even my log-in password?

Anyway, this morning I’m feeling a little rough and can’t quite shake a headache I went to sleep with and the strong espresso that I had for breakfast probably didn’t help proceedings!

I decided to try another of my new teas, Lotus Tea from the Tea House, Covent Garden. It is Chinese  black tea, scented with lotus flowers and rose petals.WP_20160109_11_37_47_Pro

I brewed this in the recommended way, using my humble tea strainer and sat down to enjoy. This black tea was a lot stronger than I anticipated but I loved it. I’m not sure what the lotus was supposed to taste like but the rose petals not only looked pretty but tasted lovely (like drinking a rose garden!) and cut through the strength of the black tea.


I sweetened with a little sugar (I know, I know) and happily enjoyed sniffing and drinking this tea.

The website said that the taste of the tea is akin to Rose Turkish Delight so if you have had this before then perhaps this will describe the taste better than I can.

Leafy Rating: 4/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

I really enjoyed the strength of this tea balanced by the delicious aroma of the rose petals. I wouldn’t recommend adding milk to this tea though…unless you’re feeling adventurous!

Benefits of drinking rose petal tea?

I was curious so ran a quick search to see whether the rose petals were more for aesthetic reasons than anything else but was really surprised to find that it contains Vitamin C and can act as a digestive aid! However it seems that excessive amounts of pure rosebud/rose petal tea can have laxative effects.


Have you tried this tea or any lotus/ rose teas before?



8 thoughts on “Lotus Tea | Teaview

  1. A local coffee shop here carried a tea that was basically Earl Grey with rose petals added, and it was divine. Sadly, that coffee shop went out of business before I could find out where they acquired said tea from. I found something very similar from Stash Tea called ‘Rosebud’, but it didn’t have the bergamot oil in it. But it was still delicious!

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