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(Anti) Moany Monday #6

Yes yes, I know. Monday has reared her ‘annoying’ head again. You know she comes around once a week but you are still as shocked by the sound of your alarm, alerting you to her presence.

If you are a commuter, especially one that lives in a big city, no doubt you will have seen and experienced some things that have made you question humanity. That man who pushed you out of the way to get onto the train first. The people who think their bags are more worthy of a seat on the busy train than you are. Those people who rush by without stopping to see if that lady needed help carrying her heavy suitcase down up the stairs to the platform. There are so many reasons of why you may have lost faith in humanity and turn into one of those people who avoid eye contact and smiling at strangers. You’ve become hardened to your surroundings and in some ways I don’t blame you.

Photo Credit: Tiny Buddha

I know it’s hard but try to smile at someone and say hello when you are commuting today. You might just be surprised to get a smile or a ‘hello’ back. (Either that or you might just get a few seats on that busy train)

Happy Monday!




11 thoughts on “(Anti) Moany Monday #6

    1. That’s lovely Miriam. I do try but I think it doesn’t always go down well on a dreary Monday in London where every other train is delayed! I still try though 🙂 I’d glad there are others who do the same and I hope you have a great day yourself!


  1. I commuted in London for a while – it’s not particularly friendly. Totally different in other parts of the country. I chatted with a stranger waiting for my train on Tuesday morning – just friendly chat chat but it does make a difference.

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    1. I find pockets of the commute not particularly friendly (especially when there are delays or overcrowding) but there are always those little rays of sunshine, identifiable by the silly grins on their faces. They are always up for a chat (thankfully)

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