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Ghost Light | LeeAnn Hansen | Review

Hello Hello,

How’s everyone doing? I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week as it was my first week back at work after an extended break over Christmas and my body is still adjusting to having to wake early for work! I’m happy it’s Friday and that I made it through the week with a lot more energy for blogging.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. I tend to have reading spurts. It sometimes takes a little while to get me going but when I do, I can be reading three different books at the same time (which I am currently doing)

**I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review**

I love the opportunity to read books that I would not normally pick up off a shelf. I love ghost stories but I have to read them at the right time of day otherwise my overactive imagination runs away with me all night and I start to become attuned to every little ‘night-noise’.

When I first started reading this, I was a little unsure of what to expect and it took me quite a while to get into the story. I found it quite slow going like one of Stephen King’s novels where nothing happens for such a long time and then just when you are lulled into a false sense of security, BANG! he gets into your head and your psyche and you can’t stop turning the pages. With this book, it was almost as if I was expecting something to jump out at me. I put it down for about a week.

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Then I got sucked back in. A love story set in 1920s Scotland, follows an acting troupe which is mysteriously summoned to a remote Scottish village. The group have no idea who requested their visit or why. They prepare themselves for a cold winter when their route becomes impassable due to bad weather and they are left stranded in a small and sleepy village.

Running through the story is the dangerous love triangle that builds between Fiona, Sean and Patrick; who, incidentally are brothers.

The infamous Berenger brothers.

The brothers have been estranged for years for reasons which become clearer throughout the tale but are re-united when they both happen to be in the same village at the same time. It is clear that there is a dark secret hidden from the brothers’ past and I loved the descriptions of the tension that was building between them and their love interest, Fiona. There are also quite a few steamy ‘scenes'(it is written in Acts and Scenes, rather than chapters which I thought was a nice touch) which were just right and well-scattered throughout the book.

One of the parts, that I enjoyed the most, was the setting. I felt as though I were transported to the Scottish Highlands and loved the way the villagers and their characters were developed. I also like that fact that the text was littered with ‘seemingly unnecessary’ details about the characters and goings-on, but later became very relevant.

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It was a slow burner to start but the suspense, the relationships between the characters and the spooky setting made this a winner for me. I truly didn’t want it to end.

Have you read any good ghost stories recently?

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