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Happy Sunday folks!

It’s been a challenging weekend for some, especially those experiencing the worst of Storm Jonas in the US. I’m so sad to hear that there have been casualties related to the extreme weather. My thoughts go out to all their families. Please stay safe everyone!

Yesterday while hibernating in the flat, I tried some of my Gunpowder green tea from my Covent Garden tea haul a few weeks ago. I blogged about the Moroccan Mint from a set of three green teas that I bought from Whittard and have finally gotten around to drinking some Gunpowder!

Gunpowder green.png

I was quite amused by the tightly rolled balls of green tea leaves and was a little uncertain as to how it would taste and whether I would like it. I added about a teaspoon to my strainer, boiled some water and set to brewing a cup.


It brewed to a lovely pale yellow colour with a green tinge to it and smelt of the mildest green tea (slight spinach-like, grassy aroma). I was expecting this to be quite pungent as I think that something about the name of the tea conjured up that taste in my mind. I was wrong. This was a medium strength green tea flavour and was quite refreshing to drink. I added the tiniest sprinkling of sugar to it (which I know is frowned upon by some tea aficionados) and enjoyed every last drop! I was also really surprised about how much the leaves expanded after brewing. They practically filled my strainer to bursting!


I think this is probably going to be quite a good everyday tea as it is so easy to drink.

I did a little bit of reading about Gunpowder grading and production and learnt that the smaller the ‘pellets’, the higher the grade of the tea. I’m not sure what to compare my tea to, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed for my first taste of this tea!

Have you tried Gunpowder before? Do you have a favourite or recommended brand?

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