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‘Harmony Black’|January Kindle First |Review

As you may have seen from my selection post for the month, it was quite a difficult choice but I decided that Harmony Black was the one for January!


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If I could sum the book up in a few words, “X-Files on acid” seems apt (and nothing to do with the fact that the bear has been watching re-runs of The X-Files on Amazon Prime). Harmony is a special agent and her latest assignment is to investigate the disappearance/ abduction of a child. The circumstances of the crime, bear a close resemblance to an incident in her own childhood, involving a perpetrator known only as ‘The Bogeyman’. As Harmony gets further and further embroiled in the investigations, the abductions continue and Harmony and her team must try to catch a criminal and put an end to the horrors.

Did I mention that Harmony and her team have special abilities? Because they do and I loved that about the book.

I’ve never read any of Craig Schaefer’s books before but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I found myself slightly ‘creeped out’ and uneasy reading certain descriptions of the evil and witchcraft/ occult elements of the book, but I think this all added to the atmosphere that he was trying to create. The idea of the Bogeyman is so clever (I won’t post any spoilers) and some of the unsavoury characters that we meet along the way and through the course of the investigation made me wonder a little about Craig’s imagination!

I couldn’t have all of that stuff in my head and not sleep with all the lights on!

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of horror-tinged mystery. It was suspenseful, unsettling and fast-paced.

Leafy Rating: 4/5 Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

I can’t wait until Book 2! It was dark in the right doses and led nicely into the next book.

I’ve heard lots of good things about his ‘Daniel Faust’ series too, in which Harmony is also a character. What a great read!

Have you read any of Craig Schaefer’s books before? What was your favourite?

Aside: while writing this post, the following ad popped up on the television and made me laugh in the context of the post/book. Enjoy a little silliness.

Jam xx


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