(Anti) Moany Monday

(Anti) Moany Monday #9

Happy Monday folks (and happy February to you too!)

Weekends never seem long enough for me when I have lots of life-laundry to do. You know, those daily administrative tasks that keep your life routine ticking? The (actual)laundry, tidying up, food shopping, cooking etc.

Anyway, before I go off on another tangent (as I am prone to do on a Monday), my words for you today are from Mahatma Gandhi:

gandhi quote
Image by Paul Walsh at Behance.net

Don’t let negativity bring you down today!

Have a great Monday you 🙂

How was your weekend?

Jam xx

Thank you for all your votes and support in the UK Blog Awards. Unfortunately I did not make the shortlist, but what an experience taking part has been. I’ve never done anything that crazy before! Well, I did do an indoor skydive once…



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