(Anti) Moany Monday

(Anti) Moany Monday #10

Good day folks!

Happy Monday. The last week has been a strange old week. To put it simply without going into too many details, I found myself facing some interesting career decisions. Do I take a new job that pays me more, knowing that I probably wouldn’t be happy working there or do I stick where I am for the time being?

I chose the latter. It was a risk. Who knows what opportunities may present themselves around the corner?

life quote.jpg
Photo Credit: Web Designer Depot


Today’s words really resonated with me.

Are you a risk taker or more cautious (or does it depend on the context?)

Jam xx


18 thoughts on “(Anti) Moany Monday #10

  1. Good thing you did.The point is you should not get bored.Life feels very boring if you take a boring job.Stick to the one that gives fun.That is what I do! My way of evaluating a decision-“will it be fun?” “Yes” “then let’s go for it!” 😀

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  2. I have a friend that has a motto something along the lines of: ‘In life I don’t like to risk and I don’t know how to lose’. Me, on the other hand, I only take risks when I am sure things will go my way 🙂

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