(Anti) Moany Monday

(Anti) Moany Monday #11

Happy Monday folks!

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend with your loved ones, friends and otherwise.

Today’s words came from a lovely site that I love to frequent, called Tiny Buddha.

Worry Is a Downpayment
Image Credit: Tiny Buddha

I often find myself laying awake at night unable to fall asleep for all the thoughts going around in my head. Random ideas for projects, planning dinner and breakfast for the next day, what I am going to wear, something I heard on the radio, thinking about my family…

I could go on

If I’m honest, a lot of the what-if thoughts that I have, never materialise and amount to anything negative and I tend to feel annoyed at myself for having felt that way! It’s getting better though and I’m slowly learning to worry less about the things that I cannot control. That and having a notebook nearby to write things out and offload.

I hope that these words will comfort you today.

Be a warrior, not a worrier! 🙂

Jam xx


5 thoughts on “(Anti) Moany Monday #11

  1. I am right with you on this topic. I can laterally worry myself I’ll if I don’t keep myself in check. I listen to an audio book to help my brain switch off in bed. If I wake for too long in the night and my crazy, worry brain kicks in the earphones go in and the audio goes back on.

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