Are you self-aware? | Mini rant…

I’ve been thinking about this issue and how I feel about it recently.

Being in friendly company with someone who insists on constantly checking their phone and messaging people, mid conversation with someone in person. I make a point of putting my phone away if I am in polite company and perhaps expect a similar courtesy to be extended my way.

Maybe I am old-fashioned but if  I am meeting with a friend, I would not dream of sitting on my phone in front of them, especially if it is just the two of us. Look, I understand that we are all busy in our own lives, caught up in our own dramas and circumstance and will not frown upon the need to send an urgent message or take a phone-call. I will take some offence though at persistent messaging and feeling like my time isn’t being respected.

Glass Cup clip art

Then I started thinking about how self-aware I actually am. (I am aware of the childish scrawl at the end of this post pretending to be a signature! See?)

 I wouldn’t dream of pulling out my Kindle on a drinks catch-up no matter how desperate I was to read another chapter. Perhaps that’s where I’ve been going wrong?

How self-aware are you?Jam signature


8 thoughts on “Are you self-aware? | Mini rant…

  1. I am totally aware of how shallow I am. So does that make me deep because I am aware of it? lol When you are with another person they should have your undivided attention and you should have theirs. If there is an emergency, they will call you not FB or text or message you. I want to know I have all of your attention and I want to give you all of mine. When people ask me why I did not pick up my phone I always tell them the same thing. Because I really like the notification song and don’t want it to end.! xxoo P

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  2. Being a dietitian by schooling we are constantly educated to encourage “mindful eating” a.k.a. noticing unconscious eating habits, adn so I totally agree with your statements. I have met hundreds of people who cannot understand why they are not losing weight or who mention that they eat healthy most of the time while they snack on chips or pizza five days out of seven and drink soda or juice only. Being self-aware is extremely important to grow and change. How can you change yourself or even notice a problem if you are not self-aware?

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    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I think a lot of us could do with being more self-aware and the diet example is a really good one. The first step to change is to realise that there is a problem in the first place!

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