My day at Hogwarts…

Last Sunday on a whim, my lovely other half, Bear, decided to surprise me with a trip to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. I don’t need to gush about how much I love Harry Potter and the whole world lovingly created by J.K Rowling.WP_20160228_15_07_03_Pro

I grew up with the books.

I can remember receiving the second book from my lovely older brother who doesn’t like frogs (a story for another time) and having no idea that it was a series at the time, devoured the Chamber of Secrets in record time.

I then borrowed the Philosopher’s Stone from the local library and began to read and crave more and more. My meagre pocket money was spent saving up for the next book and the next and dashing to the local store, possibly WHSmith or Woolworths at the time and making the purchase.

Dumbledore in the Great Hall…
View from the back of the Great Hall
The sorting hat | Better be Gryffindor!

The films added a whole new dimension to my reading experience. I thought the characters and the settings played out exactly how I pictured them in my head.

The Hogwarts Express of course!

Then, having visited the actual location of the filming of some of the film, being in the Great Hall and being surrounded by so many of the recognisable parts of the films, the costumes, sets and locations, I was completely overwhelmed.


Privet Drive

I was like a kid in a candy shop (which I also visited though to my disappointment, forgot to pick up a box of Chocolate frogs on my way out). I did come away with a box of every flavour beans though, which I am most looking forward to trying…particularly the soap and earwax flavours!

The infamous  Beauxbatons school uniform
Costumes from the Yule Ball
Dumbledore standing proudly in his office

I couldn’t believe how many people were involved in the making of the movies and appreciate how much work went into creating the worlds that so many of us enjoy escaping to.

The Triwizard Cup and Golden Egg
One of the chess pieces looking rather worn!
The Fat Lady!

It is entirely overwhelming how talented the set designers, artists, special effects people, costume department and of course the actors, are!

I have tried not to post too many photos of spoilers and will avoid doing so, lest I spoil the magic for anyone. I would urge anyone who is a fan and has a few spare pounds, to pay the studio a visit. It was so amusing that there were people of absolutely all ages in our group, all enjoying the magic.

The Philosopher’s Stone | Where it all began
Dearest Dobby…

It’s an experience that I don’t think I will ever forget. I think that I may have to get the books out again.

Oh and one last thing…Butterbeer is real!

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*All photos taken with my mobile phone so please excuse the quality!

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