What in the World | (mini) Blog Round-Up #4

It’s been about a month since my last round-up post but not because I haven’t been reading your blogs!

I have to be honest. February has been a bit of a tough month for me and so perhaps I haven’t posted as much to my blog as I have wanted to. It’s not due to anything major that has happened but work pressures have been particularly stressful in February.

I’m hoping that ‘normal’ service will resume shortly.

Blog Round-UpAs recently as today, I have discovered a blog about the life and times in Greece. Marina at Letters from Athens blogs about all things Greek, ranging from food to politics and Greek living. Maya at Artsy Teen Blog has been experimenting with her new graphics tablet and I love the simplicity and fun of the sketches that she has created! I’m in love with the no-nonsense and fun way in which the Wine Wankers discuss and celebrate wine. I do love an occasional glass or two but I have yet to find the red wine for me. The ever fabulous Mrs Twinkle has been baking up a storm yet again! Watching my waist-line very closely whenever I visit her blog. If you want to see how little Oddie, the tree-climbing Jack Russell got out of his latest tree climbing caper, you must pay a visit to Derrick J Knight’s blog. The sense of community over there is the very thing that I love about blogging. His photography is pretty good too. Lineaurea has been reading a rather interesting book called Pojkarna, about the boy/girl experience or ‘gender swap’. It sounds like a very interesting concept for a story and is beautifully presented! I really enjoyed MB Blissett’s raw Valentine’s poem and urge you to have a read. Powerful stuff. Cristian Mihai’s post on the pain’s of life was quite an emotional, honest read. It’s elicited quite a response from his readers and I think that this would have a similar effect on anyone reading it. We all have a past. However, it is our outlook on life and attitude that has a huge impact on our future. Kitty has been cooking again, this time a tasty looking butternut, ginger and red pepper soup. Yum! Emjae’s funny cartoon post perfectly summed up how a lot of my money flies out of my bank account. I laughed out loud at this one! I discovered and fell in love with Anisa’s blog on life in Japan and found out an interesting fact about Japanese dressing rooms! Ingenious idea. She teaches English in Japan and I’m living vicariously through her 🙂

I hope you enjoy checking out all of the interesting blogs in this post and I look forward to reading and sharing more of your amazing blogs!

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5 thoughts on “What in the World | (mini) Blog Round-Up #4

  1. Hi Jam! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, it’s so sweet of you. And thanks for the round up, there’s a few there I didn’t know. Will look everyone up. 😀


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