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March & April Kindle First | Kindle First #5

Hello my lovelies!

This may be a long post, so you may want to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit before you settle down to reading!


I’m just about catching up on where I last left my blog with my Kindle First posts. I wanted to do a combined post because I missed out on March’s selection post. Aside from the fact that I hadn’t been posting as much in March, I was a little disappointed as to the choices available for the month.

Until now, I’ve been fairly pleased to choose one of the books on offer as part of my Amazon Prime membership. March’s selection included a children’s Picture Book (for the first time – as far as I am aware) amongst others. However, none of the books, other than The Light of the Fireflies really appealed to me. Therefore, I decided not to choose a book for March!

Controversial I know.

March 2016 Kindle First.PNG
Image credit: snip from Amazon

I decided against posting about my decision not to choose a March read until April so that I would do a combined post to explain my thought -process.

Did any of you choose one of the above?


Following the March debarcle, naturally I was looking forward to choosing a book for April.

Thankfully, the selection was a lot more favourable and was able to come up with a shortlist just by carefully looking at the covers!




Historical Fiction

Literary Fiction

War Fiction

First Impressions

At first glance, the three books that stand out to me are Blood Defense, Deliver Her and The Eagle Tree. Going on the title and the cover image, Blood Defense struck me as being a gritty legal thriller which is always up my street. Probably a slight bias there because of my legal background but I thought it looked great! Secondly, the cover of Deliver Her got me thinking about who the girl on the cover was and what her story was. It looked very contemporary to me and the fact that it was categorised as Suspense made me interested all the more. I do love a good piece of literary fiction and I loved the cover design of The Eagle Tree. Lovely use of watercolour paints! I was curious to know what this boy’s obsession with trees was and how this could possibly have amounted to a book’s worth of material.

I decided against Golden Age as I didnt really feel in the mood for a fantasy read this month and also the fact that this appeared to be another series/ trilogy, I didn’t want to risk being sucked into another 3-parter…just yet.

(I am currently watching Game of Thrones and feel that this is sufficient Fantasy for me at the moment!)

As for Star Sand, I’ve never really gotten into reading war fiction and so was unsure as to whether I would like it. I thought I’d give this a miss this month.

Digging (a little!) deeper

Blood Defense tells the story of struggling criminal lawyer, Samantha Brinkmann who luckily landed a high-profile murder case involving a well-known TV star. She also faces one of the more interesting and deadly sociopaths that she has ever encountered. I was blown away by this synopsis and really wanted to read this. I am really interested in the pysche of criminals and so I imagined that this would have examined the psychological issues that this sociopath was going through.

Deliver Her sounds really current and relevant. Two best friends are involved in a fatal car crash…for one of them. The survivor Alex tries to come to terms with her life without her best friends and this results in a cycle of self-harm and destructive behaviour. Her mother decides to send her to a boarding school to aid her recovery but may have done more harm than good. This sounds like a very emotional yet suspenseful read. Not everyone or everything is as it seems.

Finally, The Eagle Tree sounds like an unusual read, about an autistic boy with a passion for trees who becomes determined to prevent “a monolithic Ponderosa Pine” tree in his neighbourhood, from being cut down by developers. From the synopsis and author reviews on Amazon, it sounds like the author has based this book on his experiences of working with children on varying levels of the autistic spectrum. Admirable. However, I didn’t feel like it was my April winner!

April Winner: Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan

Downloading in 3…2…1

*All cover photos are linked to and credited to the Amazon website*

Looking forward to getting reading April’s pick!
What did you choose this month/ which one piques your interest?
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7 thoughts on “March & April Kindle First | Kindle First #5

  1. Chloe, if you’re paying for it, don’t miss out on the little perks that come along with it too! Technically you can get two free books per month with the membership (one is a ‘library copy’ from the lending library which you have to return at some point! ) You can also access music to download onto your Kindle/other device 🙂


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