A Vintage State of Mind| Classic Car Boot Sale

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I went to the Classic Car Boot Sale at King’s Cross London for the second time, with my good friend H.

I love vintage and retro. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that I have an “…old soul.” I think it’s a West Indian expression but essentially it means someone who channels a different era. Now, I’m not all about the vintage. In my corporate job, I tend to be quite basic and understated but outside of work, the faintest sniff of a brown leather brogue sends me into a frenzy of excitement.

My friend H and I used to frequent the markets of Brick Lane/ Spitalfields quite regularly, hunting for the best clothing bargains that we could then incorporate into our modern wadrobes. Over time, this love of vintage, has also evolved into including vintage homewares, artwork and other collectible items.

So, imagine my excitement when she told me that she had tickets for the next Car Boot Sale at King’s Cross.

Carboot find us map 2016
Map from Classic Car Boot Sale site

The first sight that greeted me on arrival at King’s Cross Station (please dont ask which exit; it’s a maze) was a marching-band playing various modern 00’s music in their signature retro style. Dancers, dressed in various costumes across the decades, accompanied the band and encouraged pass-by to join in. Admittedly, though it was mostly children and slightly worse-for-wear spectators who joined in, it was great fun to watch.

Beautiful Classic Cars
A rather officious looking vehicle…

A short walk up King’s Boulevard, past some amazingly beautiful and classic cars, I came upon Granary Square. There were classic Mini Coopers galore, a Spam truck (Spam goujons anyone?), various food and clothing vendors, children wading barefooted in an open fountain, tiny dogs yanking sartorially elegant owners around and lots of excited faces rushing towards the ticketing point.

(probably something to do with the sunshine)

This time around, I noted that the event has definitely expanded, as on my last visit in around October, the vintage goodies were mostly confined to Lewis Cubitt Square.

The first stall which caught my eye was of course a vintage crockery stand with a crazy array of tea sets, tea pots and vintage cake stands. I was very pleased to happen upon a set in mint green with red roses adorning it. I can’t wait to use it in my tea review posts going forward!

Vintage crockery (mine is the green set on the bottom left :))

I then stopped to take photos of the quirky, unique ‘upcycled’ jewellery on show by talented designer, Sophie Cochevelou. I do really regret not picking up something there and then, but am so please that I took a photograph so that I could find her work online. May not be to everyone’s taste but very intelligently designed and truly fun pieces.

The brilliant Sophie’s wares…

The rest of the day was a fabulous haze of shopping, bumping elbows, trying on jewellery, browsing and chatting to friendly stall owners before ending in Brunch at The Lighterman. Eggs Florentine, avocado salsa and a glass (or two) of crisp white wine was a perfect end to a lovely day.

Lovely dress, lovely van
I fell in love with this dress…
A little sporty number
Shoppers look on…
Vintage and ‘copy’ sunnies. Guess which ones are which?

I did make a few purchases which I haven’t yet photographed. My photos won’t do them justice but I will post them later. However, if you are interested in the whats for now:

  • A pair of canary yellow painted Martini glasses
  • One pair of ceramic hand-painted dangly earrings
  • Orange high-waisted skirt with belt
  • Aformentioned tea cup set (1 cup, saucer and side plate)

Till next post,

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I really fancied this sign for my kitchen!

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