‘A Dark Matter’ vs ‘The Double’ | #Pony Films

Hello again,

I’m just checking in with you with a short post about one of our ‘Pony Film Nights’. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, please see my introductory post here.

We both picked our movies blind from Amazon Prime and based our choices on the letter of the week which was D.

Her Choice

This was clearly a lower budget film. Not that that’s an issue. Some of the surrealist effects were a little 90’s.

I felt really lost watching it but I could see where the writers/ director was going with it. It’s supposed to be a film that makes you think but all I could think of is that I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

I was certainly ‘in the dark’ with this one…

A Dark Matter Poster
Image Credit: IMDb

I felt like I had picked a winner with this one and nervously awaited his choice.

His Choice

He chose The Double, based on a Dostoyevsky novel and directed by the talented and funny Richard Ayoade. There was no way that this was a low scorer.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this; we both did. I quickly downloaded Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Double’ and it is on my Kindle waiting to be read as soon as I finish Patricia P Donovan’s ‘Deliver Her’.

The Double Poster
Image credit: IMDb

Although I am a huge fan of Richard’s from The IT Crowd, I would have never watched this film if it wasn’t for this opportunity and he might just have found himself with another fan (or two) of his work. Great visual effects, great quirky characters, very well executed.

The scoring

Dark Matter

The double


The winner of the Pony Film of the Week was me by a cleaDark Matter - pony award.pngr 2 points!









Have you seen either of these films? What are your thoughts?





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