‘Extreme Measures’ vs ‘Elephant Sighs’| #Pony Films

Her Choice

Wow, I don’t really know where to begin with this film. I spent the first 30 minutes of the film twitching profusedly, begging him to turn it off and for me to choose another film.

I just couldn’t do it.

I understand that this is also a play which probably explains why the film takes place in few different locations and the characters behaved as though they were on stage. There were some sweet moments where they shared intimate family details and feelings with each other, though a lot of the dialogue was in reference to a character that we never see. Their friend is dead.

Elephant Sighs Poster
Image Credit: IMDb

Desperate Housewives did this successfully, using the voice-over/ narration of a deceased character to tell the story of what was currently going on in the characters lives. This was different.

I could see what the director/ writers were trying to achieve but I just felt that it fell a little flat for me which is a shame because there was real potential here!

I already knew I had won with this, considering his choice of film.


His Choice

He chose Extreme Mesaures, starring a fresh-faced Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica-Parker and Gene Hackman. This was actually a great film with an interesting story.

Do doctors have right to ‘play God’?

Extreme Measures Poster
Image Credit: IMDb

One of Guy Luthan’s (Grant) patients dies of a unusual condition and when his body goes missing, he unwittingly discovers a secret that the hospital is trying to keep. Guy’s persistence and making enquiries about missing hospital records and inaccuracies put him in danger as those who are trying to keep the secret will do anything to stop it being discovered.


The Scoring

Elephant Sighs

extreme measures


The winner of the Pony Film of the Week was me by a point!

PFOTW Elephant Sighs.png

Have you seen either of these films? What did you think?

Next week is ‘F’ week!


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