‘Gangster Squad’ vs ‘Gale Force’ | #PonyFilms

Happy Saturday lovelies. It’s time for another battle of the less-than-blockbuster films.

Ladies first…

Her Choice

As soon as this film begun, I was fairly confident that I was onto a winner for the week. Clunky editing and clumsy acting aside, there were some moments in which I genuinely chuckled at how badly made the film was. A group of people in a reality show filmed on a desert island are in the wrong place and wrong time when a huge storm strikes the island. The islanders must find a way to stay safe, when they discover the storm isn’t their only immediate danger…

Gale Force Poster
Image credit: IMDb

What surprised me about it was that it was actually a really good concept and if done well, would have been a great action movie. One of my frustrations was how some of the characters kept falling over in the scenes where they were being chased.

Who falls over when they’re standing still?

By about the third melodramatic tumble (by the same character), I was ready to switch the film off. Some of the acting was so unbelievable; if you have hurt your arm, how does this affect your walking?

Would I recommend this to my enemy? Yes.

Do I think I’ve won this week? Yes.


His Choice

What is the deal with Ryan Gosling’s shiny lip? I’ve noticed this in another of his films, Driver, and now whenever I see him in a film, I can’t help but be distracted by it. (And so can you now)

Anyway, I digress…

Gangster Squad Poster
Image Credit: IMDb

With such a well-known cast, he was bound to have lost this week. I thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end. The bromances and cameraderie, the heart-breaking violence, glamourous Emma and beautiful settings, this film kept me on the edge of my seat. Sean Penn’s performance as infamous gangster, Mickey Cohen, was over the top and fabulous.

There’s something about the 1940s Dick Tracy-esque hats and glamor that I love. Definitely one of my favourite decades…

The Scoring

Gale ForceGangster Squad

I think this has to be a new record for the #PonyFilms so far.

Gale Force Pony.png

I am a winner by almost 3 points! 3.9 is the lowest score of the competition so far.

Next week is ‘H’ week!

Have you seen either of these films? Which is your favourite?

Wondering what on earth this post is about? Read where it all began


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