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Whittard Jasmine Green | Teaview

Hasn’t it been a while since I’ve posted a teaview?!

I haven’t stopped drinking tea, I hasten to add. I’ve had to contend with fighting my way onto the shared computer to enable me to blog as freely as I would like. When you live with (and love) a gamer, you learn the hard way!

Today I finally got round to trying my Whittard Jasmine Green Tea from my Green Tea selection that I purchased months ago. It also gave me the perfect excuse to road-test my bone-china tasting cup.


I added about a teaspoon of loose leaves in my tea strainer and boiled some freshly drawn water. I let the water cool for a few minutes and then poured this over my strainer that I’d already set into my cup. After steeping for a minute and just long enough to get a bit of colour in the cup, I removed the leaves and sat back to enjoy the first steeping.

First Steeping

The aroma was beautiful; the expected Jasmine smells were comforting and I felt oddly relaxed sipping away at this tea. The green tea itself was the mildest, spinach-like tasting tea and there was no hint of bitterness for me.

After I finished the first cup, I cheekily tried to get another cup from the used leaves. Surprisingly, I was able to get another cup of milder tasting tea from them and there was an even lighter, yet pleasantly bitter undertone to the liquor.

Second Steeping – I was surprised I was able to get this much colour out of the leaves

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every drop of this and imagine it would taste great sweetened up as an iced version.

Second Steeping…

Leafy Rating: 4/5  Green Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip artGreen Leaf clip art

Have you tried any Jasmine tea before? What did you think of it?

I’d love to hear how you describe your tea!

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4 thoughts on “Whittard Jasmine Green | Teaview

    1. Sucker for a pretty caddy too 🙂 Going to use it to store other teas in once I’ve used it up. I’m impressed too! I think it depends on how long you steep it the first time too…

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