Weekend Coffee Share| 04.09.2016

Good evening lovelies and Happy Sunday to you all!

Today, I’ve been thinking about blogging and how I used to blog in my student days compared to how I blog now. Aside from the fact that as a full-time student, I likely had more time to blog than I do now, what I noticed about blogging behaviour was that I was less pre-occupied about how my blog posts looked or that they were being addressed to anyone at all. I just posted more. Shorter ‘update’ posts mixed in with longer discussion posts. I had more fun!

Weekend coffee share 2

So, that was when I thought, why don’t I continue to blog like that anymore?

That’s the plan. Post short snappy posts more often. Not getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty of posting long detailed posts . The acceptance that I am not a professional book reviewer, nor do I hold myself out to be one.

Let’s see how we get on shall we?

Coffee was fantastic today – Mocha from my little Dolce Gusto puppy machine thingy.

Till our next coffee catch up,

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