Mystery tea vs Humidity


It’s been another sticky and undignified Tuesday in London. Not that I’m going to indulge in that popular British pastime of ‘complaining’ about the weather!

Yesterday I was offered some mystery tea from my colleague on maternity leave’s tea stash. I’m a willing tea taster and so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this.  I’ve since drank about 3 cups of Clipper’s Cranberry & Raspberry Tea or what I think is this tea using my powers of deduction and from observing the unmarked tea sachets.

Initially, I thought that this tea was cranberry and hibiscus but I can now see that I was mixing up the sweet taste of raspberry with hibiscus. It brews up pretty quickly and after about 2 minutes, the tea was highly aromatic and sweet.

Cranberry and Raspberry 10 Bags
Photo credit: Clipper

It’s quite an easy drink though not as light as I initially thought it would be. There’s some strength and body there. I definitely struck lucky with this mystery tea!

What I also liked about it was that it comes in unbleached tea bags. Here’s hoping tomorrow is less humid than today!

Jam signature

P.s. I’m loving Matcha Lattes from Notes Coffee these days on my new commute to work. I’ve also noticed Genmaicha on the menu and so will also have to sample some of that too!


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