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Why ‘Crafting’ Really is Therapy

Where has the time gone this year?

You’d probably noticed a slight disappearing act from this blog and probably thought that I’d gone for good.

It had become an unbearably stressful time for me at work this year, which was then spilling over into my personal life. The work was absolutely enjoyable and challenging but the environment itself was having an overriding negative impact. I could no longer ignore how I felt.

I stopped eating well and exercising (despite paying for a monthly gym membership). I stopped doing the things I loved, such as blogging and I read less than I wanted to. Things had to change. The sporadic posts were driving me crazy because I guess I am pretty hard on myself sometimes. I felt like I was ‘failing’.

Then I left.

I have been in a new job for the past 2.5 months and though I find the work less challenging than before, the environment has made me feel a lot happier, confident and significantly less stressed. So far…

What got me through a stressful time?

Craft. Making. Creating.

One of my mindful doodles

Whatever you like to call it. Making things with my hands which has focussed my attention on nothing else but the doodle I am creating or the coaster I am crocheting, has really helped. I would sit doodling faces or abstract things on my Kindle for hours on end and in those particularly mindful moments, I was truly happy. Then I began to pick up crochet from where my granny taught me as a child.

“I give you my heart…” another of my mindful doodles/sketches


I would crochet a doily here and here, following no patterns aside from the ones in my head but never with any particular commitment. Now I have found myself following tutorials and wanting to learn new stitches, experimenting with different yarns etc. So much so, I have started a little Etsy shop called ‘Mind The Jam’. I haven’t shouted about it yet because it is still in the early stages and I am still getting to grips with photography and listing products but I wanted to put myself out there. Another way of increasing my confidence and giving me a positive focus.

I’ve also been taking pole fitness lessons as well as restarting my yoga classes again. I just finished my Kindle First October read which I will post about separately.

I’ve been keeping busier and getting my mojo back. Slowly. And I’ve been drinking a lot of tea 🙂

Till next post,




Do you have a creative stress-release outlet? (other than blogging?)


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