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November ‘Bookish’ Mini-Haul

On Saturday afternoon, I ventured out and into ‘town’ because I needed to stock up on my afro hair products as well as just wanting some fresh air.

I’ve not just browsed a bookshop in a long time with no particular aim in mind so relished the opportunity to do so at my local Waterstones. I’ve had my eye on the Kondo book for some time now as I am in desperate need of some life laundry so I grabbed it very quickly!


I can’t wait to get stuck into reading and putting it into action.

Also on my current emotional-health kick, I saw a five year memory book and thought that it would be a great idea to get me writing/journaling again. I used to keep a diary when I was at high school and for a number of years. Mostly it consisted of the usual stuff like who I was crushing on that particular week at school but it was really good for venting. However, I think I made it way too personal and then got paranoid that my dad was reading it and destroyed it. I know now that was a crazy thing to do and have no such worries in my adult life about my innermost thoughts being discovered (heck, I even write some of them on the internet!) I think this will live on my bedside table and will make a great thing to do before I go to sleep.

Just a mini haul this month as it is too close to Christmas to justify splurging, although I will probably work my way through  or attempt to make a dent in my ‘to read’ list!

Till next post,



What bookish things have you been buying recently?


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