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On nearing 100 sales on Etsy…

I can scarcely believe that I am the same person that I was last year. This is not another self-indulgent post about how amazing I am, full of thinly-veiled boasts about how well things are going.

This is a post to attempt to motivate at least one of you to make the smallest changes in your life for yourself and your well-being.

As I’ve previously mentioned in this blog, I started my Etsy shop in October 2016 and haven’t looked back since. It has meant that this blog has suffered quite a bit but I would like to think that the fantastic supportive community of readers and writers who was out there since I started, are still plugging away at their fantastic blogs!


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Today I made my 95th sale and I feel as exhilarated now as I did when I received my first sale. The self satisfaction that my shop has been providing me with, is more than just monetary rewards. It’s the feeling that I am encouraging others to self-reflect and appreciate their present circumstances and celebrate the little things in their lives. It’s the feeling that I can make a small difference to someone who struggles to find things to be grateful for, who can now begin to live more mindfully.

Admittedly, this process of creating and ‘marketing’  has detracted some of my attention away from one of the most enjoyable activities in the world for me; reading! It has meant hours of promoting my wares to the public, alongside sharing photographs and updates of progress of my ‘makes’. It has meant hours of trying to get a photo that is acceptable enough to represent my product to customers. It has meant hours of participation in forums and groups to try to feel a part of something and to learn from those more experienced in selling.

I’m a one-woman show with too many ideas, a full time job and not enough hours in the day. But I try to make it work because I really enjoy doing it! So for anyone who has been twiddling their thumbs, reading all of the horror stories about why starting a small business should not work, if you don’t take the plunge, you will always wonder what-if. That said, I always have my practical head on my shoulders and on balance, will always make sure my bills are paid and that I have enough to eat before sinking all my money into a venture or plunging myself into debt.

I hope you are all well and are feeling motivated to start something new!

If you HAVE started a new business, taken up a new hobby or have taken the plunge and done something new recently, please let me know. Shout it out!

Till next post,

Jam xx


10 thoughts on “On nearing 100 sales on Etsy…

  1. Oh wow you have been busy since I was last on WordPress! I’m impressed with your new adventure. Keep it going – you can do this.

    New adventures this end, I’ll have to blog about it. I was going to the other day. I need help with homework. Ha ha

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      1. Yes fine thanks Jam. Life takes over at times and i just seem to have got stuck in different routines. It was good to see you’re still on here despite you saying you’ve not blogged as much as of late.
        I remember you saying last year that things were in the pipeline.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so great to read and very motivating. Just what I need to read now as I prepare to take a bit of a back step from my blog to focus more on my new job. Hopefully in time I can balance both. Well done to you Jam. You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved. x 🙂

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