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(Anti) Moany Mondays are coming back!!

Anti Moany Mondays are back (no really, they are…)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the link to my previous AMM posts here.

I’ve been meaning to restart these Monday Quotes for ages now. I’ve been trying to post a quote a day via my Instagram recently, as the station near my job employs a lovely soul who writes up quotes to brighten up the faces of stoney-faced Londoners on their daily commutes.


Whilst they may largely go unnoticed, as most of us go about our days in our own little bubbles in the bustling metropolis that is London, I try to be more observant on my journeys now!

Anyway, this won’t be a daily blog feature (though I may try to sync the two feeds in some way so those photos are also shared on here). This is going to be a continuation of my weekly motivational and conversational Monday posts!


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