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(Anti) Moany Mondays are coming back!!

Happy Monday folks! Here’s hoping you had a relaxing, productive weekend and are ready for the week ahead. As the quote says, spend your time today with people who make you laugh. It really is the best medicine. (as clichéd as you like…) If there aren’t people around you today making you laugh, pick up a […]

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Interview with Barb Taub | #comedybookweek

Hi again! Today, I am interviewing the lovely Barb Taub, author of Do Not Wash Hands in Plates, which I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing for you yesterday. Let me know your thoughts, questions or comments at the end. Put the kettle on, have a brew and sit back and enjoy… 1. Where did… Continue reading Interview with Barb Taub | #comedybookweek

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Do Not Wash Hands In Plates |Barb Taub | Review | #comedybookweek

Hello again! In my second post of #comedybookweek I will be reviewing (with absolute pleasure) the absolutely hilarious Do Not Wash Hands in Plates (“DNWHIP”) by Barb Taub. *I purchased my review copy from Amazon DNWHIP follows the adventures of  long term friends Barb, Janine and Jaya on their travels through cultural and culinary India.… Continue reading Do Not Wash Hands In Plates |Barb Taub | Review | #comedybookweek

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Highly Recommended Travel Guides for Short Trips

It is no secret that I love to travel. Ever since I worked in various European cities in one of my old jobs (the feature of my Just in Case of Trouble blog), I caught the bug. That’s not to say that I hadn’t wanted to travel before that. I was always interested in the wider world… Continue reading Highly Recommended Travel Guides for Short Trips

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A tip for improving pronunciation | Languages

I have loved languages ever since I had the opportunity to take both French and Spanish in High School. It never even occurred to me that as a child growing up with a grandmother who spoke to me in Kweyol, which I answered in English, that I was learning. However at the crucial transition between… Continue reading A tip for improving pronunciation | Languages