What in the World | Blog Round-Up #3

It’s round-up time!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a round-up post, but only because I’ve been sitting back discovering and reading more of your awesome blogs.

Blog Round-Up

Suz has posted about turning 30 and some of the pressures that society places on us to have achieved certain things  at various milestones in our lives. Happy birthday Suz! I’ve discovered the Silver Lining community and love the motivational and inspirational posts that they put out there! What a great idea for a blog. I’ve just found Randall Krzak’s  (via Blogging 101) and his amazing feline family. He’s also a writer! Get well soon Squeaky 🙂

The world’s lost a couple of greats this week. David Bowie and Alan Rickman amongst other tragic terrorist activities in Burkina Faso and other parts of the world. It seems the blogs are also posting about matters of love and loss. Aastha has posted a heartfelt and beautifully expressive post about loss. Talin has also posted about appreciating loved ones while we have them. Genie shared her 2016 manifesto last week, which got me thinking about what I’d like to achieve in the coming year and includes lists of what she would like to do more of and less of in the year. I like this alternative to resolutions and think that it’s a great way to focus your energies. Thanks Genie 🙂

I’ve been following Anne Smiles for a while and really like the combination of fitness inspiration with general motivational posts. Check out the matcha and spinach waffles! Sweet Empranillo shared a great squash soup recipe which included photos of a tea I remember fondly purchasing in Bremen HB, Germany on my travels. What a great trip down memory lane! Crumbles and Kale has posted another lovely recipe; this time Peppermint Chocolate Stars. So cute! Last week she also posted a recipe to Jansons Temptation, which I thought reminded me of potato dauphinoise. Thanks for continually posting great food!  The Fat Kat has made a delicious looking eggplant moussaka. I’d feel very healthy eating this. Speaking of healthy, the kale phenomenon lives on and we are totally obsessed aren’t we? I’d never tried kale chips until I made them myself and loved them (though they do smell rather cabbage-like) If you’d like tips on how to make your own, Mliae has shared a post which should render you kale chip expert in no time! Know how to make gnocci? No, me neither. Well, though not a recent post, Girl with an Adventurous Fork posted a simple, delicious recipe. After all of that food, you may be feeling a little full. Brewsker has posted all about the toxins that may be lingering in our bodies following the festive period of over-indulgence. Informative stuff. Never mind. She’s also given some great advice as to how to remedy that.

Katzenworld has enlightened me about the weird facts about cats that I didn’t know! Fascinating.

Pinkiebag has been stocking up on her teas. I can relate to feeling a little lost without a hot drink! Amy from The Pie discovered that she had drunk 16 cups of tea in one day, much to her surprise, thanks to a phone usage app called Quality Time. That’s a new record!! Pretty blue and white Cornish pottery caught my eye in The Noisy Cafe’s blog. I think I might need to invest in a new tea set (or at least cup and saucer) Aside from tea,  this blog is about books and there is no escaping the inclusion of great posts which I have found about books over the last couple of weeks. Craig got me thinking about my own obsession with books, in his post about the reasons why we read. However, Abbie Lu has examined the benefits of being a bibiliophile. I totally agree.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of the great posts that I have come across recently!

What posts/ blogs have you been enjoying this week?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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